Sunday, June 23, 2013

Android Hacking with AFE (Android Framework for Exploitation)

    Android Framework for Exploitation (AFE) is an open-source project which was developed to check for app based and platform based vulnerabilities, as well as write plugins for it. It could be classified into 5 different parts :

  1. Malware Creator (Creation of malware and botnet modules. Also used to inject malicious codes into legitimate applications)
  2. Listener (Python listener to listen to and show incoming data from the phone/emulator)
  3. Exploiter (Used to exploit various vulnerabilities in applications and platform)
  4. Stealer (To steal information from the phone including contacts, call logs, text messages, files from the SD Card and many more)
  5. Crypter (To make already detected malware samples, undetectable by the anti-malwares)

Read More about AFE here:

Go to the official AFE website:

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