Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get Free Apps on Samsung Captivate Galaxy S

How to install.

Go to settings/applications/USB settings/Highlight Mass Storage
Then go to settings/applications/Development/Turn on USB debugging

Open up the browser and go to and search for the app you want to download. Click on the file and download it.

Download and install the driver for the phone. (Links at bottom of description)

Download Android SDK (Link at bottom of description), extract the file, and then copy the file to the root of C:. Rename the file "sdk".

Connect your phone to your computer and click "Open folder to view files", find the file you downloaded from 4shared earlier and drag it into C:\sdk\android-sdk-windows\tools.

Open up the command prompt and type the following commands:
cd sdk
cd android-sdk-windows
cd tools

Enter "adb devices" into the prompt and make sure the computer recognizes the device.

If it does recognize the device enter "adb install filename.apk" replace "filename" with the name of the .apk file you downloaded, in my case I entered "adb install Doodle_Jump_v122.apk".

Once you enter that code you should get a message that says "success", after that you can disconnect your device and use your app.


Windows 32-bit Driver Download

Windows 64-bit Driver Download

Android SDK

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